Network Status

7/24/2018  12:20 PM
All network and email services are fully functional at this time.

5/8/18 1:30PM
All network and email services are fully functional at this time.

5/3/18  1:10 PM
The Office of EducationTechnology (OET) staff will be working with AT&T to perform emergency network maintenance on Friday, May 4th, from 8 PM to 11:59 PM.  The scheduled maintenance is to resolve the issue we (and some other districts) are experiencing.  We anticipate experiencing sporadic issues until the network maintenance has been completed.

5/3/18  9:15 AM
Still no word from KDE concerning the open ticket.  Our speed appears to be much better this morning.

5/2/18  2:00 PM
We are not the only district experiencing this issue.  Still no estimated time of a resolution.

5/2/18 10:39AM
We are experiencing internet filter issues at this time. You may receive a "oops, request blocked, due to a network equipment problem, this request is blocked at this time." If you receive this issue, please continue to try reloading the page until the page loads. We have an escalated ticket with a high priority assignment opened with our internet filtering vendor.

5/2/18  8:47 AM 
Again, we are experiencing internet-related issues this morning.  KDE has been contacted (again) concerning the issue.

5/1/18 12:50 PM
Nothing offical from KDE yet, but it appears that our issues may have been resolved. 

5/1/18 9:30 AM
We are currently experiencing network latency issues.  We have receive multiple reports of slow/unresponsive web sites including Infinite Campus.  KDE is aware of the issue and working to resolve the problem.