Sample Policy:

The Taylor County Board of Education seeks to provide an equal opportunity for all children to reach their maximum potential.  District schools achieve this goal by operating as performance-based institutions.  Students are accelerated based on their academic ability rather than chronological age.  Acceleration criteria includes: 1) 90th percentile or higher on the MAP assessment and AIMSweb; 2) Proficient/Distinguished on the state assessment or equivalent classroom performance (for those who move in from out-of-state or are in a grade which has not taken the state assessment); 3) parent/guardian approval for students who will be accelerated to content taught in another building.  In addition, entrance and/or exit exams may be administered at the high schol level for credit consideration  Exit exams may also be administered at the elementary and middle levels to determine grade level proficiency.  Teacher input will be taken into consideration.  By challenging students to perform based on their mental capacity, teaching and learning can successfully focus on both rigor and relevance.  This enables teachers to directly connect the Common Core to college and career readiness standards.  In so doing, the board recognizes that failures and/or dropping out of school are not viable options in the successful transition to life.  Therefore, the BOE will not allow students to: 1) dropout of school; 2) fail classes and be held back; or 3) accept zeros for incomplete work.  A system of interventions facilitated by school administrators and counselors as well as a district dropout prevention specialist will target academically at-risk students.

Implementation and Strategies Needed for a Performance-Based Education School District Handout