Key Instructional Components:

Student Acceleration Policy allows students to learn based on their intellectual ability rather than chronological age.

Measure of Academic Progress (MAP), Exit Examsand Common Assessments are utilized to determine student achievement levels.

Virtual School Program allows students to pursue alternative routes to graduation and complete Early College courses.

A District-wide e-library system delivers content electronically to students and parents featuring over 1,800 e-books.

An Early Release Friday for students each week allows a two-hour professional learning community time for teachers to analyze data and align curriculum with entry/exit requirements.

An emphasis is placed on technology with iPads, mini-Dell computers, Kindles, and Nooks available for student use.

Career Pathways class exposes all students to sixteen career clusters.

S.T.A.R. program for student tutors replaces traditional aides.

Student Ambassadors program for students interested in communications/public relations and/or hospitality careers.