COVID-19 Information

Letter to Taylor County Families March 20, 2020

Taylor County Families,

As stated earlier this week, our first concern will always be the safety and well-being of our students and families. Today, March 20, 2020 in a 3:30pm phone conference with all state superintendents, the Governor and Kentucky Department of Education Commissioner recommended that all schools remained closed until at least Monday, April 20, 2020.

Superintendent Higdon will be on our local radio stations Monday morning with additional updates and we will have more information on our social media sites and district webpage Monday morning.

Letter to Taylor County Families: March 18, 2020

Taylor County Families:

Our first concern will always be the safety and well-being of our students and families. Therefore, our district will remain closed until Sunday, April 12th. We will continue to monitor the situation and receive guidance from the local health department.

I have received several questions about Prom and Graduation for seniors. At this point, no one knows for sure when we will be allowed to resume. I can tell you that we are 100% committed to having a graduation ceremony to honor our seniors. Everything is simply going to be dictated pending on how the pandemic escalates and then subsides.

With this closure, students have already received assignments through week #3. Week #4 of the closure is spring break, with NO assignments. Remember, SAFETY is our priority and NTI instruction is required in order to receive credit instructional hours. Do not allow the instruction to become stressful. If you need help, give us a call.

As we assess the situation, we may need to send out additional assignments based on the guidance we receive from Lake Cumberland District Health Department and/or the Kentucky Department of Education.

We are encouraging our teachers to find creative ways for your children to learn during these stressful times. In addition, our food and transportation departments are working diligently to deliver breakfast and lunch daily.

If you or your family have ANY needs, whether it is school-related or not, we encourage you to call the Board of Education at 270-465-5371.

God Bless,

Charles Higdon, Jr.

Taylor County School District COVID-19 Response Plan

Response Plan

March 12, 2020 8:00pm Update

Taylor County Family,

Taylor County Schools WILL be in session tomorrow Friday, March 13th, 2020. We will be working with students to prepare them for two weeks of NTI- (Cyber Instruction) per a two week closure recommendation from Kentucky Department of Education Commissioner Kevin Brown and Governor Andy Beshear.

With this closure, all Taylor County Schools will be closed from Monday, March 16th through Friday, March 27th. During the two week closure we will be receiving guidance from our local health department on whether or not the closure needs to be extended past the two week recommendation. This guidance from the health department will be based on what they feel is safest for our students and community.

We will be releasing more information tomorrow regarding instructional plans for our students about meal opportunities during the closure.

Letter to Taylor County Families: March 12, 2020

Letter to Families

Important Links and Information

School Counselor Family Resources During COVID-19

Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Parent Resource

Gratitude Tracker: Gratitude increases happiness and reduces stress!

Taylor County Primary Center counselor, Kristin Jewell, created a Gratitude Tracker that will allow families to record their gratitude each day.

"Wemberly Worried:" Children often learn best through the telling of stories. A personal favorite of TCPC counselor, Kristin Jewell, is Wemberly Worried, by Kevin Henkes. She believes this book is a good fit for current anxieties that some of our families may be experiencing. Families are encouraged to watch "Storytime at Awnie's House: Wemberly Worried" on YouTube.

So there you are, all our amazing Cardinal students at home wondering what to do after all your online assignments are completed for the day. It’s time to think out of the box! Along with your parents or guardian, try choosing a few of these activities! Below are some great ideas to help get the whole family moving while having fun at the same time!    

Our counselors are encouraging our families to slow down and breathe. Attached are four (4) guided relaxation/breathing scripts that are appropriate for children. Taking a few minutes out of each day to pause and breathe can help students feel centered and safe in their spaces.

Happy Heart

Magic Carpet Ride

Thankful Heart

Thankful Turtle

Students may not be aware of the physiological symptoms of anxiety. Helping them recognize what happens in their bodies when they experience stress or anxiety can be the first step toward recognizing the need for a coping skill. 

Attached are various blank posters that families may print and use as an aid in conversations around stress and anxiety. The last page is a completed poster with various signs of anxiety and stress in the body (e.g., headaches and sweaty palms).

Meditation is often difficult for students to fully understand. However, one easy way to introduce the concept is through coloring. Have you ever found yourself lost in focus, coloring for an extended period of time, even hours? Coloring can be as meditative as guided relaxation or breathing exercises. 

Attached are various coloring pages that families may print and color together.

/userfiles/11395/my files/coloring-for-kids-mandalas-54120.jpg.jpeg?id=53993

/userfiles/11395/my files/coloring-page-designs-shoot-joyful-inspiration-adult-coloring-book-31-stress-relieving-designs-of-coloring-page-designs.jpg.jpeg?id=53994

/userfiles/11395/my files/free-flower-mandala-adult-coloring.jpg.jpeg?id=53995

For our families who may not have printer access, an alternate video is included below of a kaleidoscope set to calming music. Families may use this during a 5-minute break between activities or for a calming exercise before bedtime.

The Splendor of Color Kaleidoscope

To help us all have a more positive mindset during our #HealthyAtHome time, it helps to keep our minds and bodies active. We invite you to use some of these fun emotional health activities to keep your family #EmotionallyHealthyAtHome!  Love, Mrs. Jewell, Mrs. Parks, and Mrs. Reynolds!

Emotional Health Activities

Attached is a visual aid of yoga stretches for our students to do at home! Mrs. Parks taught the TCIS 4th & 5th graders these stretches during mindfulness lessons earlier this school year.

These would be great for parents to use with children for inside exercise. And they're not bad for teachers teaching from home as well :)

While our students are staying safe at home, it is also likely that they are spending more time than ever exploring online platforms.

The attached handout is from National Online Safety. It covers online safety tips for children.

Journaling is the perfect coping strategy for natural problem solvers. Journaling allows children to organize their thoughts and clear the mind of stressors and worry. Attached is an excellent (and free!) journaling resource on Channel Mum.

This infographic focuses on helping children concentrate.

Many families may be struggling with this as their students aren't used to their new routine at home.

Are your students future entrepreneurs? This fun infographic is titled "5 Ways to Teach Your Kids to be Great Entrepreneurs" from Building a knowledge base in entrepreneurship and business can help our students develop essential career skills, regardless of the career path they choose.

Our counselors teach their students that the words they choose have power. This is a perfect infographic for families to print and put on their fridges or hang in their student's bedroom. Titled, "Words Can Hurt or Heal", it gives examples of Dos and Don'ts for students to help guide them to healing word choices. 

Lake Cumberland District Health Department Public Information Briefs

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Please heed all guidance from the CDC and Lake Cumberland District Health Department

For more reliable information, please visit