Writers of the Week

2018-2019 TCPC Writers of the Week 

January 26, 2018

K: Will Landis
K: Layla Zuniga
1st: Athena Angel
1st: Kylee Deslongchamps
2nd: Hailey Farley
2nd: Halle Franklin


February 23, 2018

K: Kate Sexton
K: Clara Myers
1st: Taylor Loy
2nd: Lily Mardis
2nd: Reece Spalding

March 23, 2018

K: Creed McDaniel 

K: Nevaeh Spurlock
1st: Jacey Farmer
1st: Tyler Boots
2nd: Kyndal Southern
2nd: Maddix Vaughn

April 27, 2018

K: Kenzli Craig
K: Silas Sprowles
1st: Collin Rakes
1st: Olivia Knoblauch
1st: Hunter Sluder
2nd: Elisa Adams
2nd: Aagna Dave