Rogers Explorers Program

The 2016 Rogers Explorers Program application is now available to current 8th grade students in The Center’s 45 county service area of Southern and Eastern Kentucky. Although the deadline to submit applications is not until February 15, 2016, we strongly encourage students to begin working on their applications as soon as possible.


We received nearly 400 applications for the program last year! Although there are many more qualified applicants than we can possibly accept, please remember that only the top two highest scoring applicants from each county will have a guaranteed spot in the program. After those 90 selections are made we will then select the next 90 highest scoring applicants to participate in the program. These 90 spots are at-large and some counties may have more than two applicants accepted. The scoring committee will not know who or where students are from when scoring.



Beginning last year, students interested in applying to the program are now able to do so by utilizing our Online Application Portal. We will no longer accept mailed or emailed applications. By registering through the Online Application Portal students will be able to download individual “Assignments” to their computer, type/gather the requested information, and then submit each assignment online. This also includes the essay, letters of recommendation, and the required 8th grade school transcript. Students will receive an email confirmation once they submit each assignment.

Once students register and sign in to the Online Application Portal they will be able to begin the application process. At the top of the application page there is a step by step video of instruction available for a detailed walk-through of the application process. 


Application Deadline

All “Assignments” MUST be submitted by Monday, February 15, 2016 by midnight (eastern time). Students will not be able to submit the individual assignments after this date.

For detailed information about the application process, visit