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Taylor County School District is located in Campbellsville, Kentucky and serves over 2,500 P-12 students. Superintendent Charles Higdon Jr. has been with the district since 2005, where he started as Principal at Taylor County High School. He was named Superintendent in July 2018.
The district is comprised of five schools: Taylor County Primary Center (preschool - 2nd grade), Taylor County Intermediate School (3rd - 5th grade), Taylor County Middle School (6th - 8th grade), Taylor County High School (9th - 12th grade), and the Central Kentucky Career Academy .
Taylor County School District’s mission is to set high expectations and work together to help all students succeed. The district utilizes Performance-Based Education and Personalized Learning models – teachers do not teach grades, they teach students. The district’s acceleration policy gives students the opportunity to move to a higher grade level if data shows they are advanced in certain academic subjects. One of the many benefits of the model is that once students have completed their high school credits in a subject, they can begin taking college credits through the Virtual Program at a significantly reduced rate.
Part of the Performance-Based Education model is a zero-percent drop-out policy. Potential drop-outs are required to meet with their guidance counselor, as well as Mr. Higdon, to create a new academic plan that is tailored to his or her needs. Some of the students, for example, choose to complete classes online in the Virtual Program and find that this environment is better suited to their needs.
Teachers in the district are highly trained professionals who are challenged to make learning fun, identify problems, and intervene when needed. Weekly, certified teachers participate in professional development during Early Release Fridays.

The hard work put forth by board members, administration, teachers, staff, parents and students is paying off. We are at the top of our region for graduation rate percentages, and just above state average on ACT scoring percentages. While we celebrate successes, we are committed to raising the bar each and every year. Thank you for support and involvement as we continuously strive to improve.


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