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FAQ - Issues after migration

We have discovered an issue when configuring the native email app on iPhones. 
If you are running IOS 10, you will be prompted for the username, password and server name.  Enter your email address and password, leave the server name blank.
If you are running IOS 11.0, you will need to upgrade to IOS 11.1 or newer.  There is an issue with IOS 11.0 which prevents it from working properly.
If you are running IOS 11.1 or newer, you should be in pretty good shape.  You will be prompted for your email address and password.  You will then be prompted for school/work or personal email address.  Select school/work and your setup should complete and your email should begin to flow.

If you had any shared calendars, the shares will need to be re-created.

The Global Address List (GAL) will be very different.  You will still be able to see all faculty/staff in the district.  Concerning the members of the GAL from other districts, only those individuals identified by the districts as needing GAL visibility will be visible in the GAL.  The GAL will stabilize once all districts have completed migration (end of May).