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James A. Davis graduated with honors from Taylor County High School in 1964. While at Taylor County, he was a member of the Science and Math Club, received the Physics Award, and was a member of Taylor County's first-ever Beta Club and Beta Bowl Team.

After graduating from high school, James received a four-year full scholarship to Centre College in Danville. James, along with two females, were the first African-Americans to ever attend Centre College.

James graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Centre with a major in Chemistry and minors in Math and Biology. While at Centre, James was elected to Who’s Who in American Colleges and University and an honorary member of Omicron Delta Kappa, an academic fraternity. He played basketball as a freshman and was also a member of The Student Congress and The Centre Players theatrical group.

James applied and was accepted at several universities for graduate school. He was awarded a fellowship at Xavier University in Cincinnati and enrolled there, but after only three weeks he received a draft notice from the U.S. Army. He spent two years in the U.S. Army where he was assigned to a special unit in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia that developed infrared night vision equipment used in the Vietnam war.

After serving his tour of duty in the U.S. Army, James returned to graduate school at Xavier University where he completed a thesis Master’s Degree in Organic Chemistry. While at Xavier, he served as an instructor for undergraduate Organic Chemistry classes and labs.

After completing graduate studies at Xavier, James began work as a research chemist at Procter and Gamble Company. Some key accomplishments for James at Procter and Gamble include:
*Co-researcher that proved the active ingredient in Head and Shoulders shampoo was safe.
*Co-inventor of Secret Dry Antiperspirant.
*Inventor on two United States patents that gave Procter and Gamble exclusive rights to market the covered products for 20 years.

After 11 years at Procter and Gamble, James took a position with Kimberly-Clark in Neenah, WI as a senior scientist and skin research expert. Some key accomplishments for James at Kimberly-Clark include:
*Developed a process to measure health of baby skin using baby-friendly instruments.
*Invented and patented a diaper that helps reduce diaper rash.
*Invented and patented absorbent components for Huggies diapers.
*Inventor on ten United States patents.
*Published multiple research papers in peer-reviewed journals including Contact Dermatitis, Pediatrics, Pediatric Dermatology, Bioengineering and the Skin, American Academy of Dermatology Bulletin.
*Presented research at several prestigious scientific events including International Society for Pediatric Dermatology, American Academy of Dermatology, The American Public Health Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, International Symposium of Bioengineering and the Skin.

After a number of years as a senior scientist and research fellow, James moved into management. He managed research and development organizations in the U.S. and also research and development organizations with responsibilities in Asia (Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Australia), Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Columbia), and Europe (England, Czech Republic, Netherlands). This part of James’s career involved extensive travel and interaction with various races, ethnic groups, and cultures around the world.

James retired after 34 years in the corporate world, but quickly followed his interest in teaching and became an adjunct professor of Science and Business at the University of Phoenix, Atlanta campus. The courses he taught included Environmental Science, Nutritional Science, Health Care Administration, and Cultural Diversity in Business

James also opened a consulting business focused on skin health and skin care products. He continues to consult in this area. Clients include Institut’ DERmed, Estee’ Lauder, Rocky Griggs, LLC, Unicity, Inc., Atlantel, Inc., M.V. Washington, Kimberly Clark Corp.

In 2008, James was invited by Mr. Higdon (the principal at the time) to speak at the Taylor County High School commencement. His speech encouraged the graduating seniors to embrace continuous learning whether or not they attend college, trade school, etc. Their opportunities and success in life would depend on their commitment to “keep learning”.

In 2018, James was invited to speak at Centre College’s opening of a new culture diversity center. The event coincided with the 50th anniversary of his graduation from Centre. The speech focused on his Centre experience and challenged Centre College to more aggressively recruit and graduate more African-American students and recruit more African-American faculty members. James was honored at halftime of the football game for being one of the three African-Americans to integrate Centre.

James works extensively with at-risk children in schools, civic groups, churches, etc. to generate interest in science and math. He also enjoys learning about other cultures and playing golf. James is married to Sara (Haskins) Davis, and they have one daughter, Dr. Kimberly Davis.


Harrison was contacted and congratulated on this high honor last night by United States Congressman James Comer (KY-1), who also nominated him.

Harrison has been a major part of the Taylor County Wrestling program through the youth, middle school, and high school levels. He said his decision to apply for and attend one of the Service Academies was largely based on the mentorship of his grandfathers, both of whom were members of the Armed Forces. He chose the Naval Academy due to its elite aviation program, which he plans to pursue.

The administration, faculty, and coaches at Taylor County are all extremely proud of this young man for his pursuit of excellence and willingness to serve his country and community. 🇺🇸

Congratulations Peyton!

Expect greatness from Taylor County Athletics!

Letters regarding the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) will be sent home this week with students.

Please refer to the letter for more information! To apply, you can fill out an application online, by mail, or through a participating service provider. You will need to submit a copy of the letter to verify so please don't throw it away!

We appreciate when our teachers and staff show up for our students each and every day!!

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!! ❤️

Sydney Kean

Ivy Neal

Cindy Robertson

Mindy Clayton

Bob Smith

Kelly Jackson

Dianna Wilson

Steven McCarol

Expect greatness from our teachers and staff!

Cayla Rucker poses for a photo with her achievement award.

Cayla Rucker, one-on-one assistant at Taylor County Primary Center, is a recipient of the TC Cares Award. Each day, she is the eyes and ears for disabled students, allowing them to participate in class. “Miss Cayla is one of our quiet, unsung heroes at the primary center,” TCPC Principal Melissa Long said. “She has a very difficult job, but she never complains. When I ask for her help, she does it gracefully and she does it well.”

Donna Williams and other TC principals pose for a photo with her achievement award.

Donna Williams, principal at Taylor County Intermediate School, is a recipient of the TC Leadership Award. Mrs. Williams has been a pillar of the school district in her role as principal, and will be retiring at the end of this school year.
“When I became principal at the middle school, Donna was a huge confidant. She was someone I could lean on, and I knew I could always call her and get great advice that would set me off in the right direction. She has impacted many lives during her time with the school district, including my own,” TCHS Principal Sara Tucker said.
“For the last 10 years, Donna has been my mentor. The day she was hired I was in the hospital giving birth, and she asked to come visit me. We’ve been best friends ever since,” TCPC Principal Melissa Long said.
“You can’t replace Donna Williams, you just don’t. We just hope that you’ve rubbed off and created through your work more people like you,” TCMS Principal Neil Sanders said. “I’ve known Mrs. Williams for a long time, going all the way back to elementary school, and I still remember my mom, who worked at the middle school, at 7:30 p.m. working on lesson plans with her. I’ll never forget it, her level of commitment is just unparalleled, and she brought that into her principalship to do a remarkable job for over a decade. It’s something to be proud of, and we’re going to miss you.”
“This district has an amazing group of principals, and these three have been wonderful to work with,” Mrs. Williams said. “I was blessed to teach with kids for 18 years and I’ve been principal for 11, and have an amazing school with amazing staff and amazing kids. I’ve just been blessed, so blessed, and I thank the Lord all the time for putting me in this position. I had long thought I would stay in the classroom until I retired, but He had other plans. Retiring is very bittersweet, but my time here has been wonderful.”