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TC Achievement Award winners announced for March

Pam Huddleston poses with Deanna Hunt and Principal Sanders
John Moore

Congratulations to this month’s TC Achievement Award winners!

Pam Huddleston poses with Deanna Hunt and Principal Sanders

Pam Huddleston, administrator and guidance secretary at Taylor County Middle School, is a recipient of the TC Cares Award. As an administrator at TCMS, Mrs. Huddleston wears too many hats to count and is a key part of the office staff that keeps the school going. In the lead up to her retirement at the end of this school year, TCMS Principal Neil Sanders felt it was only right to recognize her hard work with an achievement award. “When someone stops me with a question, my first resource and my last resort are both Miss Pam, because she’s going to know the answer,” Mr. Sanders said. “Honoring her with this award was the least we could do to thank her for the help she has provided not just during my tenure, but during that of Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. Harvey, and Mr. Jewell going back decades.”

Kristen Absher poses with Deanna Hunt, Coach Bradstreet, and Principal Sanders.

Kristen Absher received the TC Partnership Award for helping to secure a new audio system for the Taylor County Bank Cardinal Athletic Center at Taylor County Middle School. As a parent of kids who attend TCMS, Mrs. Absher recognized the need for new audio equipment in the gymnasium and worked with the school to make it happen. “I have gotten to know Mrs. Absher, and it’s clear to me that she loves her family, loves the school her kids go to, and when she sees a need she wants to help. But, she doesn’t really want to be recognized for it,” Mr. Bradstreet said. “And yet, we felt it important to recognize her, because she has been a huge help to our school and will benefit not just student athletes, but our entire student body for years to come, long after her own children have left TCMS.”

Lisa Oliver poses with Deanna Hunt, Principal Sara Tucker, and Coach Chris Goodin.

Lisa Oliver received the TC Partnership Award in recognition of the time and effort she puts into supporting sports programs at Taylor County High School. As the wife of TCHS Athletic Director Greg Oliver, Mrs. Oliver is frequently a huge help at Taylor County sporting events. “I don’t think we always appreciate our coworkers’ spouses, because the truth is, they support us and dedicate their time to supporting us both at home and at school,” TCHS Principal Sara Tucker said. “Mrs. Oliver is one of those spouses who is very dedicated and involved. During the regional tournament, she was making sure the hospitality room was working well to serve the needs of our team and our visitors. Whether it’s the basketball court, the football field, or anywhere else, we appreciate your help and love you so much.” District Athletic Director Chris Goodin also had nothing but praise for all of her hard work. “For as long as I can remember, having been here over 20 years, she’s always been a mama hen to everybody. To say she keeps things going behind the scenes is an understatement,” Mr. Goodin said. “I’ve seen her many facets throughout the years we’ve shared together, and I’m really glad to know her. She deserves this award as much as anyone, and I’m very glad to see her get it.”